PeerJ Award for Best Oral Presentation by Student and Early Career Researcher

We are very pleased to announce that PeerJ will support our prize for "Best oral presentation by Student or Early Career Researcher". More details about the competition and other prizes to follow.


Taylor & Francis are proud to support the IBAC Award for Best Poster.
The judging panel will consist of editors from the peer-reviewed journal Bioacoustics: The International Journal of Animal Sound and its RecordingJudging will take place on Wednesday 2nd September and posters will be assessed on clarity, research quality and overall design.
The award will be presented on the 4th September by Richard Ranft, Head of Sound and Vision at The British Library Sound Archive,  Professor Peter K. McGregor from the ISPA University Institute, Lisbon and Dr Andrew Horn, Dalhousie University, Canada.
About the journal:
Bioacoustics primarily publishes high-quality original research papers and reviews on sound communication in birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects and other invertebrates, including the following topics :
  • Communication and related behaviour
  • Sound production
  • Hearing
  • Ontogeny and learning
  • Bioacoustics in taxonomy and systematics
  • Impacts of noise
  • Bioacoustics in environmental monitoring
  • Identification techniques and applications
  • Recording and analysis
  • Equipment and techniques
  • Ultrasound and infrasound
  • Underwater sound
  • Bioacoustical sound structures, patterns, variation and repertoires


Craziest spectrogram

An award will be offered for the craziest spectrogram. More details to follow.


Best sound recording

An award will be offered for the best sound recording. More details to follow.